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So, get this. I had somewhat of an “a-ha” moment this week, one I’m surprised I didn’t have much earlier but such is the reality of a constantly curious and studying mind.

It seems the term “market manipulation” has seen a recent resurgence in the market spotlight. On the surface, the obvious trigger is the GameStop short squeeze saga, which still doesn’t seem to be over, with another recent climb up the pricing ladder, though not yet as parabolic as it was in January.

Digging below the surface, there are corners of the deeper market discussing manipulations in the gold and silver markets, especially given the meteoric rise in cryptocurrency, which I find odd but not open to discussing here, today. Maybe another time.

Do I think there exists, in general, market manipulation?

I think the Recovering Bankster moniker should be a sufficient answer to that question. For those who require clear and concise answers though, YES, yes I do believe there is systemic market manipulation. But spare me a few moments to build my case with you in a direction you may not have considered.

As I’ve stated a few weeks ago, Wall Street doesn’t like to lose. And given their mammoth financial power and strength, it’s of little wonder they’re so apt at pulling "not losing" off.

It’s also of significant service having helping hands within the halls of political power. Don’t be naïve to think that’s not involved. Need proof? Endless regulations are heaped onto the financial industrial complex and yet, it keeps growing and amassing more and more strength. In the meantime, mom-and-pop investors are drowning in regulations. I wonder why that might be…

By the way, I use Wall Street synonymously with the general global financial industrial complex. I’m not simply picking on that small district in New York. I include Canada’s miniature rendition on Bay Street as well as all the other financial power centers in London, Tokyo, Shanghai and so on. And let’s be clear that political power centers are exactly what they sound like – Washington, Ottawa, London, Moscow, Beijing and so forth.

But here’s where things get interesting, at least for me.

While we’re all so enthralled by the political clown show proceedings going on to decipher the GameStop debacle, our attention is yet again diverted from the largest, by a country mile, market manipulators in the world. And sorry for the offense this may bring to some timid listeners but I think the diversion is intentional. Perhaps that too is a topic for another post but we shall.

Do you know who or what I’m referring to?

Central Banksters!

Their very nature is to intervene and interfere in the natural ebbs and flows of a free market, and usually not in your best interest. Sure, they dress it up as your best interest. It’s anything but.

And one of their primary manipulation tools is interest rates, which are supposed to be the price of money. In other words, while Wall Street is seen as manipulating the price of stocks and commodities, central banksters are working overtime in the backrooms to manipulate the price of money!

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat many times in the future. Here’s proof positive that we live in a shadow planned economy. All these decades we’ve been railing against the evils of planned economies in communist and socialist states such as the former Soviet Union and now China, and yet the same is happening right under our noses!

In plotting and manipulating interest rates – the price of money – are central banksters not operating a centrally planned economy?

My bashful opinion is that yes they are. Period.

I’ll leave you with that to percolate on. I know it’s not a popular opinion but it’s high time we start recognizing it for what it is and either stop pretending we don’t live in a centrally planned economy or, better yet, acknowledge it and do something about it.

And that’s the magic question – what can we do about it? Because remember, that’s what we’re focusing on here now. Identify the problems others ignore or don’t see but also take positive action to affect change.

The simplest and most direct way has nothing to do with writing a letter to your local politician to complain about such injustice. That wheel of progress is mighty slow. Instead, focus on your own position in life. How is your current financial position? Are you in control of it? Why not? What can you do to better position yourself? Throw the stone into the water, start within, and watch the ripples work their way through the sands of time.

I’m here to help too, if you need it. Find me at here.

In the meantime, please help me spread this disrupting message by sharing this blog with just two other people – family, friends, rivals, whomever. It’s high time we start pulling our collective heads out of the sand and start doing something, rather than complaining through the remaining days of our lives.

Then again, what do I know? I’m just a ranting Recovering Bankster.

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