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Previous Democratic presidential nominee hopeful, Bankster Senator Elizabeth Warren, came out on November 12 with a message to the president-elect – cancel student loans! (1)

As a Recovering Bankster out to disrupt the Ivory Tower narrative, allow me to be crystal clear with my position on this proposal – this idea is ludicrous!

Now, let’s discuss why. Is it because I’m not compassionate for the trials and tribulations of the student population? Not at all. I was a student once before too. If anything, they’re the ones who are duped the most with such grandiose proposals.

According to Bankster Warren: “…cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt, giving tens of millions of Americans an immediate financial boost ...This is the single most effective executive action available for massive economic stimulus.”

It’s rich that this comes from a Bankster Senator who has previously campaigned against tax cuts because they were only benefiting the “millionaires and giant corporations”. (2)

That in itself is a giant and long rabbit hole we could dive into as I can already hear many of you saying: “yeah, so? She wants to tax the ultra-rich. What’s the problem with that?”

But given my limited time here to maintain your attention, I will forgo discussing that point for now.

Instead, avert your attention back to cancelling student debt.

Did I attend and attain a post-secondary education? Yes. Did I take on debt? No.

But before some of you jump on my back saying that I then don’t understand the hardship of dealing with educational debt, allow me to inform you that my five years of post-secondary were funded through the hard work, efforts and sacrifices of my parents as well as me.

In saving up for my education, my parents had to compromise and sacrifice many comforts to make it happen. Growing up, they never took us to Disneyland or Disneyworld, for example, at a time when almost every other family went. So, if debt is forgiven for these students, whose families made their own choices and decisions, I fully expect my mother to be compensated for the sacrifices she had to make so that I wouldn’t have to take on student debt.

Of course, I’d say compensate my mother and father but my father has been deceased for many years, never getting to enjoy his retirement because of the sacrifices he needed to make in order to ensure our family’s survival. He made choices. Will his estate also now be compensated because I did not take on student loan debt?

By now, you're probably thinking: "Oh, Adrian, you’re just allowing personal circumstances to cloud your judgement."

Am I?

You may not have student debt either but I’m sure you have other debts. Have a mortgage? Most likely yes. So, will you stand by and applaud the cancellation of student debt while you’re sitting on a debt that’s likely three to five times larger?

Or perhaps you already worked your tail off to pay off your debt – be it student loan or mortgage. Will you get compensated for the sacrifices you had to make because of your smart financial choices? What if you worked extra jobs or took excessive amounts of overtime to make it happen? Perhaps you sacrificed time with your family to get them paid off? If so, why should you not also be compensated for your hardships?

Where does it end?

Oh, and by the way, in cancelling or forgiving any public debt, the government is merely shifting the financial burden from the few to the many…actually, to everyone. So, are you prepared for your taxes to skyrocket, be they real taxes or inflationary taxes? The piper needs to eventually be paid by someone. We cannot live in the land of chocolate forever.

So, you see, if your student debt is forgiven, you’ll still be paying for it in other ways. It just won’t be as obvious and direct for you. I, on the other hand, don’t wish to pay for your student debt unless you’re willing to send me to Disneyworld and Disneyland. We’re a family of four. No expenses can be spared. Let’s make a deal!

Come to think of it, it’s sort of funny that socialists, who always champion sacrificing the one for the many, are here and now actually trying to sacrifice the many for the few. It’s hilarious! The scary part is do they realize they’re promoting it or not?

Yes, I’m fired up over this. And, in fact, I do feel bad for some of the students who have been entrapped in this despicable Bankster’s political game. But, once again, the Banksters cause they very problems they vocally denounce and then go about telling us they will fix the problems. It disgusts me.

Life is about the choices we make. Some choices turn into gold while other choices turn into lead or even dust. But we need to live by our choices and can’t expect bailouts every time something doesn’t go our way. Otherwise, we’re turning into a bunch of grown infants, looking for the next teat to suckle from. Naturally, the Banksters are more than happy to provide what appears to be an infinite teat. Just sign over your soul to them, sit down, shut up and start suckling.

But these are mere rantings and ravings of a Recovering Bankster, what do I know?

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(2) Warren Senate Website

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