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My fellow Canadians, I know you are probably wondering what sort of Recovering Bankster I am, having not made any mention so far of the latest federal budgetary hammer which came down on April 19th. I assure you, I took notice.

But bluntly speaking, I was sitting on the fence, considering whether or not it was worth my effort to line up against a bankster creature so many Canadians are absolutely mesmerized by. Whether it’s the pretty boy Prime Minister, with his lush wavy hair, or his provocative deputy prime minister, strutting her stuff to deliver the first budget in two years, I can’t put my finger on the substance that actually keeps so many of you so enthralled.

But I digress.

I came across two tantalizing pieces within the same edition of the Epoch Times, which I couldn’t help but submit to the enticing beckoning call to engage the matter of this year’s federal budget. Besides, government banksters are some of the most powerful and corrupted kind so I can’t ignore the travesties and narratives.

The first piece is titled, “Deficit Spending Likely to Inflate an Already-Expanding Public Service”. (1)

Sure, I could go over all the ballooning numbers provided in the piece. That would be a waste of my time, though. What’s important to understand is that, as the piece highlights:

“There was a huge downsizing under Chretien, and then Harper held the line. And what’s happened is basically all those layoffs or downsizing – it’s all been reversed, plus-plus…”

The piece proceeds to inform that this reversal of trends began before the pandemic so don’t come at me with “But, but, Adrian, the pandemic…”. Besides, Trudeau and company are spending more than any government since the Second World War.

In reading the article, I couldn’t help but ruminate why this may be. As my thoughts began to wander, my eyes caught sight of the other article on the same page, titled “Budget 2021’s Big Spend Has Some Goodies for Business but Leaves Debt Worries”. (2)

I must admit that headline didn’t do much to catch my attention. Instead, as my eyes were about to drift completely off the page, it was the sub-headline which beckoned, come hither:

“Feds sending message that government rather than business can lead the recovery, says budget watcher”

OK, now my attention was had and dots began to connect.

Of course! Hasn’t this always been about an attack on small-business, free-market capitalism, self-reliance, autonomy, integrity? All things I hold dear to my life and work? Is it not the expansion of a nanny state, whose demands to control our lives is sugarcoated with promises of a life with little work but “big pay”?

I got to thinking some more. Could it be a coincidence that as so many people are losing their livelihoods, their businesses, the very roots of what kept a happy heart beating in their chests, there stands good ol’Nanny, with an alluring finger calling us over seductively to say, “it’s OK, I’ve got you covered! Just sign here and you’ll never again need to worry about food in your belly and a roof over your head. Just sign the dotted line…oh, and by the way, you can kiss your soul enriching life good-bye. So, the choice is yours, if you can even call it a choice.”

Suddenly, I have a flashback of Ursula from The Little Mermaid (yes, I watched that movie as a child…stop your snickering…), as she’s singing “Those poor unfortunate souls”, doing her thing to seduce Ariel into signing an unwinnable contract.

But let’s snap out of decades gone by and refocus on the present, where we may have a figurative Ursula trying to steal our voice in exchange for another contract geared to poor, unfortunate souls.

Let’s think about this some more. From the beginning of the pandemic, we were enthralled with “we’re in this together” platitudes. And yet while small businesses and everyday working folk have had their finances decimated, Nanny has been doling out more salaries and pay raises. Let’s not forget the annual pay raise that Ottawa’s MP’s received and did not forgo on April 1st.

So much for “in this together”. But such would need to be Nanny’s play. Come look at all these happy and satiated people. Not a financial complaint here. Don’t you wish you were here too? Simple. Sign here and leave your voice at the door.

Sure, there are those trying to lay a small speed bump along Nanny’s path.

“They definitely need to shed thousands of jobs – this would not even be a debate in a private organization. And considering the people paying the freight are themselves losing jobs and losing pay, government really needs to look at ways to roll things back.”

That was the first article quoting a federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. A noteworthy though feeble attempt at shining a light at a gargantuan issue. Not only does he miss the point that with printing presses spewing dollars at unprecedented rates today, the need for taxpayers to pay the freight is of no surface consequence, he goes further by saying:

“And we’re not even saying go back to the Harper years. We’re saying go back to the second year of the Trudeau government. That’s all we’re saying, not some radical cut-in-to-the-bone stuff…Everyone’s had to make cuts and the government can’t be any exception to that.”

Oh, but dear naïve sir, it can be an exception if Nanny’s trying to maximize the coddling.

I can’t help but recall Milton Friedman’s gem observation: “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” (3)

Need I say more?

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m ruminating about the budget in this way? Perhaps you’re thinking I’m tipping over an edge? Should not a financial guy be squeezing each and every number of the budget to uncover ways to legally beat the new financial rules? Sure, but I wouldn’t be the only one doing so.

Here’s the thing. Of little surprise should be that I strive to be different in this blog. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill financial blog. So, call it what you want – free-market capitalism or laissez-faire capitalism or voluntary capitalism – whatever the name, that’s one of the horses I’m riding.

I’m growing tired of capitalism getting a bad rap, especially these days, when, it all actual reality, we are heading in a direction further and further away from true capitalism. In the best-case scenario, we’re presently dealing with what many have termed “crony capitalism”. A worst-case scenario is we’re dealing with…well, I don’t even want to say because I find those words so blasphemous.

Either way, I’ve vowed to end these episodic disruptions with positivity so here’s how I’ll wrap this into a pretty pink bow. Having these brainstorms clarifies even further what needs to be done. No matter how difficult these times are, there are others who also see things differently and are making moves to not only keep their soul enriching projects alive but also thriving, all to the benefit of both themselves and those around them. I see that while the proverbial road to hell is paved with good intentions, the path to the pinnacle is paved with snakes, death defying cliff drops and Ursula-types. But I will not be deterred. I will not be stopped. I will not surrender. Nor should you. Let’s make this journey together, no matter who’s laughing at us or who’s seducing us with soul-sucking promises.

And I want to close out by saying this – by no means am I saying that all government needs to be done away with. There are some functions that are best allocated to such an institution. My contention is that our current governing bodies seem to think that prosperity will only be reached through them. To me, this is a fallacy too many people are falling for.

Then again, I’m just a Recovering Bankster ranting deplorable. What do I know?

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P.S. While I am providing the link for each story, a subscription is required to view the full article. So, yes, I presently do subscribe to the Epoch Times. If you have a problem with that, you’re obviously in the wrong place. To-da-loo!

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